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The Case Study Homes competition organized by the magazine Arts & Architecture led to the construction of many midcentury modern icons.  But the program had multiple designs that only existed on paper and in models.  This 10 week course was an exploration both of the unbuilt designs as well as learning new media techniques and visualization.  Each week the class would source inspiration graphics towards a specific drawing type, followed by a real-time in class demonstration. 

**Please note, our inspiration graphics came from active professionals.  A fair use statement is included below, but if you feel that your work is being infringed upon please contact through the web form with a takedown request and it will be promptly addressed**



The work presented across this website has all been generated by students and professor as a not-for-profit educational exercise.  Some of our graphics involve collage methodologies where we source backgrounds, foregrounds, and/or entourage from online sources.  The majority of these have been further altered from their original state (color, scale, filters, cropping) in an effort to differentiate them from their source.  Each graphic exercise was modeled around a found inspirational graphic/graphics that was made by unaffiliated individuals/professionals.  The course intent was to test ways that similar results could be achieved through our own technical devising using these found graphics as our stylistic roadmaps.  The original inspiration graphics have not been included on this site, but if you believe you are the author of one of these and have any concerns please contact us through the home page form.



Groups of students composed project teams that focused on each house to gather research and discuss the designs towards a solid understanding.  Following an initial startup period of two weeks for base modeling, students generated a drawing per week for the remainder of the quarter.  Their hard work remains much appreciated!

Project Teams:

CSH 4- Elizabeth Brophy, Daniel Arteaga, Berhan Ayalew, Sean Clements, Steven Buenas, Allie Miller, Bailey Ash, Ava Jones

CSH 5- Hannah Chapin, Kayla Coyne, Madison Drozd, Emily Fox, Willy Benjamin, Bekah Eggers, Hope Codiga

CSH 6- Nicole Jackson, Sasha Jimenez, Victoria Clarke, Jessie Dodge, Brooklyn Pippin, Hayley Peterson

CSH 12- Garret Schultz, Lorine Moellentine, Daniel Ramirez, Emma Rope, Alex McGonegal, Aubri Covington

CSH 13- McKenzie Vanko, Zachary Sundborg, Sophie Tawa, Lindsay Tyler, Ethan Wu, Sam Backen, Jessica Olivera

CSH 24- Assistant Professor Cory Olsen, Erin Ulcickas, Cassidy Cole, Lily McNabb

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